Our intention is not to classify your level of strength, but only to give you an indication of the difficulty of the proposed tour. Then, you will know how to choose the tour that is right for you and prepare yourself and make the best of your cycling holiday.  In all cases, your guides will be cycling and hiking alongside of you, offering motivation and support. So at the end of the day we can say together: YES, WE HAVE DONE IT!

  • PIANO (1-3)
    You love cycling but it’s not the only priority of your life. You love to hear about the places you pedal through, the history and heritage. These cycling routes will take you through cities known for their art and history, medieval castles and palaces.  You can take your time, ride at your own pace, and enjoy what the area has to offer.

    Tours with level of difficulty Piano (softly/slowly) have 40-50 km average daily distance and will include easier or shorter climbs.

    MODERATO (4-6)
    You are out on your bike a couple of days a week and don't mind stepping out of your comfort zone. You don’t go flat out, but you enjoy steady climbs and medium to long distances.

    Tours with level Moderato (medium) will take you on 50-70km average daily rides, over some notable climbs and of course, sampling great food and wine along the way.

  • VELOCE (7-9)
    Biking has become a bigger part of your life, and you are out on your bike 4-5 days a week. You have completed some challenging rides, or multi day tours in the past. You are comfortable on technical descents and demanding climbs, but the time is not important.  Once you have set yourself a goal, you are determined to finish it. Veloce (fast) tours involve about 80-100km average daily rides.

    On some days, rides will be shorter, from 50-60km. Most importantly, it's the climbing elevation that counts, from 1700m - 3000m daily.

    RAPIDO (10)
    You are an expert cyclist and always looking for your next challenge. You have the possibility to train and prepare. The distances and elevation level are the same as Veloce tours but you manage them a bit easier.

    Rapido tours would be ideally suited for a group of riders with the same level of fitness and speed, or could be custom made to suit likeminded cyclists.

  • Italy is a stunning country that is sometimes best explored on foot. Our hiking excursions will take you through towering mountains or huge sandy beaches and stunning coastlines. On other days we will go through medieval cities and villages with amazing architecture, stopping for the best cappuccino and croissant in town.

    Obviously, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to establish an objective standard to rate the various hiking experiences. It can vary from person to person: personal experiences, fitness level or one’s feelings and wellbeing on a given day.

  • The Italian Alpine Club has however established, in the most impartial and uniform way possible, a national scale to distinguish the paths and routes based on their hiking difficulty.

    There are four levels, however for our guided walks and hiking excursions, whether in high mountains, on coastal plains or somewhere in between, we will mostly use only the first two levels. If you are interested in more advanced, challenging excursions, please let us know and we can work to accommodate your interests.


    Level T includes all those itineraries organized on small roads, mule tracks or comfortable paths, and which are also short to travel, clearly visible and which have signs that solve any orientation problem.

    Even the differences in height are affordable: they do not exceed 500 meters; for this reason, excursions of this type do not require who knows what experience or physical preparation, constituting with good reason an experience suitable for all those who like to try.

    HIKERS (E) 

    Level E is divided into paths or even traces of passage on mixed terrain (old pastures, debris or stony ground), usually marked. For this motivation you will need to have a slightly more refined sense of direction, as well as a good knowledge of mountain areas, a good walking training, without counting adequate footwear and equipment.

    The difference in height is at this level of difficulty between 500 and 1000 meters.


    As far as the EE level is concerned, itineraries of this type are not always marked and therefore require a good ability to move around the various mountainous areas. These are therefore paths or fleeting traces of them that develop on impervious or steep terrain, along steep and slippery slopes, or even passing through scree or snowfields.

    To tackle this type of route, you will need a good experience in the mountains, a fairly firm foot and, above all, a good physical strength (since the difference in altitude on average exceeds 1000 meters). Plus, you’ll need good gear and the right gear, not forgetting a good sense of direction.


    These are routes and prepared paths with frequent open stretches , difficult also because they are long and high up; they call for the know-how of safety measures (helmet, metal friction plates, ropes and karabiners). a high mountain environment.