• At AndiAmoDai (Let’s go) we believe there is only one thing that is better than meeting your needs. And that is: exceeding them. Our mission is to provide you with quality, personal service from the very beginning as you design this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We are committed to creating a friendly, collaborative relationship, so in the end, you are excited to plan another once-in-a lifetime trip with us.

  • We would not be able to bring you these extraordinary cycling and hiking tours without the passion, attention to detail and rich local knowledge that we have acquired over many years of cycle touring experience.

    We can’t wait to share with you our favourite off-the-beaten-track spots and local hidden gems; or to talk with you about local history, arts and the cultural scene.

  • Food and wine are an integral part of any travel adventure in Italy, where we are famous for our love of La Dolce Vita, “Sweet Life” or “Good Life.” La Dolce Vita fully embraces life’s pleasures, including good food, good wine, fine fashion and beautiful art. In La Dolce Vita, the quality of the food and the company of the people we share it with are just as important as the act of eating itself.

  • So, we will listen to your passions and interests, and help you to discover La Dolce as part of your cycling and hiking travel experience with us.

    All that is left to do is meet the crew and AndiAmoDai!

  • Andrea Gennari / Founder / Cycling Guide

    Andrea has a long, rich history on two wheels, from the very young age as a red-hot sprinter and teenage sensation for Marche’s first professional cycling team. Now, having a few Giro d’Italia behind him, he surely can call Italy’s roads and mountain passes his office workspace.

    Andrea left cycling and was running his own business with his bike in the garage. One day, a friend challenged him to get back on his bike and ride 30 km. He did, and has never looked back.

  • For more than a decade, Andrea has been the cycling manager for Hotel Dory in Riccione. Hotel Dory is the original cycling hotel, and has been named as offering the best cycling holiday in Italy. As well as being an expert in cycling, Andrea has a deep appreciation for the physical and mental mindset of the riders next to him, having guided thousands of cyclists from all over the world.

    Andrea’s care and attention to detail ensures that every ride will be a real treat. We admire seeing him working and guarantee you will have some of your most memorable rides with him.

  • Natalya Chedzey / Co- Founder / Cycling Guide

    Natalya was born and raised in Ukraine, but for many years has lived in the UK. She discovered her love for cycling in her forties. Already an accomplished swimmer, she began training as a triathlete and immediately fell in love with cycling. She soon decided to concentrate solely on her cycling.

    Riding at home in the UK was great. But, after a few cycling holidays to Italy, she completely fell in love with Italy: its soul, its unique character and culture, and the Italian people’s attitude towards life. And, of course, she fell in love with its world-famous cuisine and wine.

  • So, she made the lifechanging decision to work as a cycling guide in Italy. Now, fluent in English and Italian, Natalya is excited to share her personal journey of discovery and to create new experiences and memories with the guests of AndiAmoDai.

  • Livio Salvatori / Cycling guide / Mechanic

    For Livio, the bike is a metaphor for life, and he hopes that he will connect with others who have fallen in love with this amazing means of transportation. He loves to pedal and experience the outdoor world, connecting with nature and discovering its peace, quiet, and beauty. His background is in mountain biking, and being from Rome, he also knows that city like “the back of his hand,” or, the gears of his bike!

  • Honestly, we really do admire his southern accent. When he speaks, it’s like he is singing a happy tune, even if he is just ordering a pizza or arguing about football. Perhaps that just makes him even more Italian.

    "I hope to appeal to everybody. For some, the goal is to simply enjoy the artistic, cultural, and culinary richness of Italy. For others, we can explore challenging trails and discover breath-taking views. I am sure that with my years of experience, and with your passion and desire, you will not be disappointed."

  • Michele Pinna / Cycling and hiking guide

    Michele is from Iglesias in Sardinia, where he lives with his wife and their adorable three children. He is a professional Trekking and Biking guide and very passionate about his island’s history and heritage. He was a competitive cyclist, has a degree in cartography and took part in the survey of the Santa Barbara Mining Path for the government association in 2014.

  • His interest in nature and his love of exploring encouraged him to consider doing it professionally. Since 2017, he has been accompanying tourists as they explore the beautiful countryside of Southwest Sardinia, by foot and on two wheels.

    His particular interest is in mining and the industrial heritage of the island, a theme that characterizes Sardinia.  He also loves to promote the agro-pastoral areas of Sardina, such as the Medaus and the Carigniano Vineyards.

  • Laura Besseghini / Alpine Guide

    Since Laura was very small, the immense passion for mountains has always been present in her life. She explored it on foot, on skis, on rocks or ice falls... Every season and every terrain has its own charm.

    At 20 years old, the attraction for competitions took over, initially for ski mountaineering and lately for ultra-trail. Consequently, she became aware that we can do everything we dream of, and anything is possible with perseverance: the ability to have fun and the search for new challenges.

  • After completing her studies as an interior designer, she realized that she wanted to make her love for the mountains a lifestyle and, why not, a job. “The possibility of passing my passion to others is a privilege and I feel very lucky to be able to share it”
    She recently became AMM of the Collegio Guide Alpine Lombardia, E-bike guide, Natural-running instructor and Nordik Walking instructor.

  • Jasmin Widmann / Hiking Guide

    Jasmin is a hiking guide based in Alta Badia, in the heart of beautiful Dolomites, UNESCO World heritage site.

    As a nature and mountain enthusiast she loves to practice sports and being outdoors. She admires her valley where she lives and always looking for new adventures.

  • When she takes her guests on hiking tours she passionately talks about the history, culture and traditions of people who live there, but most of all the importance of protecting and preserving the unique character and the eco-system of this stunning mountain range.

    She speaks Ladin, Italian, German and English.