• Our vision is to create an active holiday for everyone, not just for cyclists. There is nothing better when creating new memories than to be able to share them with friends and family. The emotions and good feelings just get stronger when we share them with people we care about. So, even a non-cyclist can have a great holiday, without having to pedal one stroke, or where one piece of tight-fitting lycra clothing.

    In addition to cycling, we offer guided walking and hiking tours for our guests to explore and enjoy the amazing sites the region has to offer. There are numerous choices, from challenging treks in the high mountains of the Italian Alps and Dolomites, to beautiful coastal walks in our home region along the sun-soaked Adriatic coast. No matter where we will cycle, we can create amazing adventures for those who wish to explore the region a piedi –by foot.

  • Wherever we go, we partner with experienced, English-speaking local hiking guides. They know the hidden gems and the must-see highlights to be discovered. Custom designed for all ages and levels of fitness, our walking/hiking groups will explore the same territory as our cycling groups. At the end of each day’s activities, both cyclists and hikers will gather together to decompress and share the highlights of their days.

    Similar to our cycling tours, there is a minimum number of participants required to organise hiking activities Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss ideas and answer all your questions.